Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 23: And another day goes by. . .

There were pluses and minuses to today, definitely.  Not as hyper-energized as yesterday.  And, frankly, kind of disappointed that some enthusiastic things I attempted yesterday--to set up a reiki distance healing exchanges, and to promote this blog--didn't really seem to get a response.  Ah, well.  All in due time I guess.  I can't bull-doze my way through these things.  Also, I seem to have developed a health issue that I've decided to try and treat with vitamins and probiotics--I'll see how that goes.  And then, on top of that, some emotional stuff that surfaced over dinner.  I won't go into my drama here.  Blah, blah, blah.  So, those are the negatives.  Not horrible, and I'll get through them, just a nice puncturing of my bubble, as life always so nicely provides. 

But there were some definite positives as well.  I am super-psyched about the astrology consultation that I'll be giving tomorrow (though maybe just a tad nervous, too).  Today I chatted briefly with the guy that I'll be advising, while setting up the appointment, and definitely got a good vibe.  It should be fun.  Plus he has a very interesting chart--some definite challenges, but strong gifts--that closely resembles two other friends' charts.  It will be fun to relay the info to him, and to compare and contrast with my friends' chart. 

On top of that, I gave a full 55-minute reiki session to my good friend Keith today, and it felt really nice to do that.  We certainly could have gone longer--perhaps 90 minutes?--but it was great to do a full session of some sort (not just a spot-treatment) and to achieve definite results with it.  It's the kind of thing that I need to be doing more of.  And, on that level, I am thinking:

a) I am on the brink of making a serious commitment to do just that.  If I want to get my Reiki Master certification, while training with Greg, I'll need to commit to doing about 75 more sessions by next spring.  When he brought this up during Wednesday's class, I definitely felt some trepidation--but then, this was after the attunement, so I was kind of an emotional mess!--but yesterday I felt a sudden surge of faith and optimism: "Yes! I want to do this!" I'm taking yesterday's sentiment with a grain of salt, as it could just be overenthusisam, but I'm certainly leaning in the direction of commiting myself.  Which means. . .

b) I should really think seriously about getting a reiki/massage treatment table.  As treating people while sitting in a chair, or laying on a couch, does not really seem like the way to go.   Just now, doing a search, I am surprised to find that these tables start at a cheaper rate than I thought! This one is only $135 plus shipping.  (Mind you, shipping would be about $30.) I'm psyched! Probably will seek some feedback from Greg and maybe also Dave (fellow reiki student) and Cellina (massage therapist), but it seems pretty cool.

Yay for developing my reiki and astrology skills!

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