Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 10: Reflections from after the storm

And then there are the moments
when I am certain I am possessed,
so fiercely do these crazy thoughts
charge through my head, and possess my being.
And these demons, they are merciless,
running ramshackle through every organ,
every chakra, slashing every pretense of peace
they can find, screaming bloody murder,
insisting that darkness, and darkness,
and only more darkness, is the way.

And it's true, it's sad, that in the
midst of all their screaming,
I have no room to remember my true nature,
my true name, and I believe their cries of darkness.
There's no room, in these moments, to remember
that these are only thoughts
(not evil, but unhealed),
and that they will pass,
they will not consume me,
I need not fear.

And then it blows over.
And I am thankful for time.
And I am thankful for God.
And I am thankful for friends.
And I am thankful for meditation.
Oh, how essential, these things that hold me.

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