Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 14: Another post-Reiki extemporaneous diversion

Oh, my friend, do you know what you possess?
Such power, such beauty, such gifts beyond measure.
To imagine yourself as a tiny, limited being--
what a disgrace to Truth! What an insult to God!

No, you are more, so much more, than you imagine.
You are infinite light as expressed in one luminescent thread.
You are a river of being as grounded into a single body.
You are joy in its purest revelation, exalting in each moment,
ever eternal, ever born anew.
This you are, and so much more.

**I feel like this poem-meditation has more to it than 2 stanzas, but after several "false" continuations, I'm choosing to leave it be, for now. . .**

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