Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 15: A full moon, and yesterday's thoughts continued

Tonight (at 7:07 PM) marked the once-a-month event of the full moon.  This month's full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius.   Each full moon is a time of "taking stock" in some area of our lives.  It is a time of evaluating our habits and determining if they are serving us--then if, not, being willing to release stuck patterns and to adjust.  Since the full moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, we would especially be evaluating Sagittariun themes at this this full moon, including: faith/religion, philosophy, high education and travel.

In addition, each of the degrees of the Zodiac (all 360!) have a special special meaning assigned to them, called a Sabian Symbol.  The Sabian Symbol for 7 degrees Sagittarius is: "Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart."  I love astrologer Benjamin Bernstein's elaboration on this: "At this extraordinary time in history, however, Cupid is offering not just human love, but the indescribable bliss only available from the unconditional love of the divine.  Can you open to it?"

In honor of this theme, here is my continuation of yesterday's poem-meditation.  (The tone doesn't quite match up, in my opinion, between yesterday's portion and today's portion, but I decided I'm okay with that for the time being.)

Oh, my friend, do you know what you possess?
Such power, such beauty, such gifts beyond measure.
To imagine yourself as a tiny, limited being--
what a disgrace to Truth! What an insult to God!

No, you are more, so much more, than you imagine.
You are infinite light as expressed in one luminescent thread.
You are a river of being as grounded into a single body.
You are joy in its purest revelation, exalting in each moment,
ever eternal, ever born anew.
This you are, and so much more.

This busy life of yours is a series of forgettings.
So, first and foremost, remember to pause.
Remember to step out of that cluttered mind, now and again,
and create space for truth to dawn upon you.

Do not believe that your life is confined
to the lists you create in your head,
to the distractions that capture your eyes and mind.
No, this is surface.  Life is much deeper than this.
Life is the unfolding of that which you are in every moment,
the yearning heart ever reaching towards the infinite soul.

You will always reach.  You will always sense that painful gap
between that which is form and that which is eternal.
So, why not surrender, relax, into the reaching?
And in this relaxation, perhaps, you might glimpse
the resting of the eternal in the very form of your heart.

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