Monday, May 24, 2010

Day 12: Defying Gravity, part 2

So, it's late at night, and I've procrastinated on my writing assignment again--by going out swing dancing!--but I'm back to honor the commitment before heading off to bed. 

So, to briefly elaborate on the "Defying Gravity" theme from yesterday, I want to bring in some discussion of astrological themes (again, being the "astrogeek" that I am ;-)).  To do this, I'll be briefly discussing the archetypal significance of three planets: Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter.

  • Saturn represents responsibility, the establishment, the wise elder, "the way we do things", conservatism, fitting in
  • Uranus represents the maverick, the individualist, the brilliant thinker, the mad scientist
  • Jupiter represents faith, expansion, teaching, social advancement, progress, and doing things in a big way
So, here's my basic premise: The character Elphaba is a very Uranian character, a maverick with (initially) uncontrollable powers.  But she's initially held back by a mis-placed faith (Jupiter) in the establishment (Saturn), especially as personified by the Wizard. 

The reason why this fascinates me is that that these same themes are currently being played out in my life, in yours, and in society at large.  Why? Because, right now, astrologically, we are experiencing oppositions in the sky between Saturn, on one hand, and Uranus + Jupiter, on the other. 

I'll unravel more of this (part 3!) tomorrow. . .

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