Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 16/17: Wow

Alright, so before I get into anything else, let me face the facts: I didn't blog yesterday.  Therefore I suck.


Okay, obviously, I'm joking.  And I forgive myself.  When I got home at 1 AM last night--fresh and high from a swing singing (+ dancing!) gig--I knew I needed to get by 8:30 AM, and consciously decided not to stay up ultra-late (again) blogging/writing.  Not to make excuses or anything, 'cause I am going to try to do better for these remaining days. 

So, there's that.  Now, as a small half-penance, I did spend a little time this morning--really only a little, maybe 10 minutes?--toying around with a potential new song idea on piano/vocal.  I haven't been doing any music writing in a while, so this is a good start, albeit small.  And this was right before I rushed out the door for my gargantuan Midway Fair recording session.

Why do I say gargantuan? Well, the first, and main, reason, is that it was nine and a half hours long.  No, really!  Okay, sort of.  (I got there 10 minutes late, and left the studio for about 50 minutes, so it was maybe eight and half hours long for me.) So, even though we reserved the whole day, for as long as we needed it, I don't think any of us really expected nine and a half hours.

So, there's that.

And then, secondly, it was gargantuan because there's been a lot of off-and-on tension in the band over the past couple months.  I did a recording session with Jon (the Midway Fair leader) two months ago that ended up with me crying hysterically, and him sending me a two page e-mail a couple days later.  Yeah, so, um. . . I guess you could call that creative differences? (I will say, very briefly and with self-responsibility, that I was being pretty high-maintenance that day.  Not so relaxed, and hence, not so cooperative.)

And so, the last reason today was gargantuan? Bliss.  Pure and simple.  Despite factors one and two, everything went well!!!!! :-) Wow, am I relieved about that.

I think part of what made today go so well for me, frankly, was Tim, the drummer.  We had a bonding discussion a couple weeks ago and really got to know each other better (much-needed therapy for both of us, I think).  So, today we were supporting each other with hugs and reiki, which was wonderful.  I've never recorded before on a "reiki high" but now that I've done it, I can say, it's the way to go! (Especially for someone like me, who has a lot of nervous mental energy just wanting to rush in and clog up the pipes of music and intuition.)  Another thing which was inspiring about Tim was watching him power through the songs.  He would really nail things on the first take, and then, if corrections were needed, he would toss himself in and power through those, too.  No hesitation.  Again, in marked contrast to my own high-strung, "I'm-super-critical-and-need-lots-of-reassurance (and just as many takes)" ways.

So, Tim, if you're reading, thanks for being awesome.  (I could give lots of props to Tim's wonderful wife Cellina, as well--who is my friend and masseuse, as well as fellow reiki practitioner--but I will sing further praises another time.  Love you, Cellina!)

But I also need to give props to Jon and to myself for working together amiably--for being two sensitive and stubborn people, we both went the extra mile to respect each other!--and to Chris Freeland for being an awesome engineer, "Mr. Cool-calm-and-collected" and a great extra set of ears.

We accomplished alot today and I am SO proud of these tracks that we are creating together from Jon's wonderful songs.  And today was also so affirming of everything that is happening in the life, of my friends, my reiki, my music, my faith.  And I say my, knowing that none of this stuff belongs to me.  And, ah, what a blessing!!

I'll be playing with Jon and Tim tomorrow at Ukazoo Books in Towson, from 4-6 pm.  So, we're not done seeing each other yet! Come see us tomorrow, or sometime, too, if you're local. And check out


P.S. If you're not really into hyper-ecstatic writing, I apologize.  I will do my best to settle down at some point in the near future. ;-)

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