Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 7: Bliss

So, very briefly today,  b/c it's past 12:30 AM and I should be in bed!

The solar return interpretation was cool, and a nice confirmation.  But honestly? It didn't give me a lot of new info.  Kind of validating in that I know more than I give myself credit for--I had basically already given myself a reading just in glancing at it the other day! Why did I discount myself, and pay someone else to do it? I don't know.  Ah, well.

But the reiki class? Learning, experiencing, the distance symbol? That was awesome.  Incredible.  I'm still buzzing with this tingling of connecting with all that is.  (I know that this sounds kooky, but oh well.) Really so beautiful and so confirming, this knowing feeling of bliss, of heart opening, of wanting so deeply to inhabit this connective space in every moment.

It's weird, because these days, I step in and out of that space.  Sometimes I'm rigid Jen, sometimes I'm spaced-out Jen, and sometimes, like this evening, I'm blissed-out connected Jen.  I like the latter the best, by far.  I was definitely feeling much more bored/anxious earlier today, and my reiki class experience was such a nice respite from that.

So, now, a brief, stream-of conscious writing.  I don't know that I would call it poetry; it's just what I'm feeling in this moment:


In the beginning, there was light.
And the light was me,
the light was you,
the light was the space within us,
between us,
and enfolded in the arms of our infinite God.

He holds us still in his arms,
always, infinitely,
with the love of a thousand mothers
all opening their hearts and
gushing out infinite love.
Yes, this much and more
(so much more).

If ever, for a moment, you experience darkness:
You need only open one tiny sliver,
one fraction of this amount,
to be flooded with absolute
love and devotion,
the kind that will melt you,
the kind that will hold you,
the kind that knows no end.

**Love, and Namaste.  (The light in me honors the light in you.)**


  1. "with the love of a thousand mothers ..."

    So beautiful. Please keep shining your light.