Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 18: Defying Gravity, part 3 (finally!)--the current astrological scene

So, picking up on the a thread from early last week, let me explain a little bit more about the astrology that mirrors the themes in Wicked.  Last time I was explaining the roles of Saturn (authority/responsibility), Uranus (individuation/sudden revelation), and Jupiter (faith/progress/expansion).  Tonight, I'll delve a little further into what's been happening in the sky related to all of this.

First of all, I'll start with the Uranus + Jupiter conjunction, which is progressively becoming tighter as we speak (right now, about one degree from exact).  So, basically, a conjunction happens when two planets meet up at the exact same point (same sign, same degree) in the sky.  During a conjunction, the planets involved "gang up" and pool together their energies.  So, since Uranus and Jupiter are currently conjunct (or just about--it's exact on June 8th), we are currently experiencing a combination of these energies.  So, this could mean, amongst other things, an expansion of the energy of individuation, a sudden burst of faith, new philosophical/social revelations about energy (I forgot to mention that Uranus rules electricity!), etc.  Here's what astrologer/historian Richard Tarnas, author of the incredible book Cosmos and Psyche, had to say:

"In world transits, the cyclical alignments of Jupiter and Uranus correlate consistently with condensed waves of celebrated milestones of creative or emancipatory activity across many fields.  The conjunction of the two planets occurs approximately every fourteen years.  During each of these. . . decisive crests of remarkably synchronous breakthroughs and innovations appeared to take place within a brief period of time in many areas of human activity."

Alrighty.  So, there's a stage setter, for starters.  But, in addition to this, we have both Jupiter and Uranus currently opposing Saturn (e.g., "the establishment").  An opposition is a 180 degree angle between two planets which are "facing off", in this case Jupiter-Saturn (which have a 20 year cycle) and Uranus-Saturn (which have a 45 year cycle.)  Both cycles represent societal--as well as individual trends/shifts.  The Berlin wall, for example, fell in November of 1989, during the last Saturn-Jupiter opposition.  Saturn and Uranus have actually been opposing off-and-on for about a year and a half now, with the first exact opposition happening on election day, 2008.  (Hmm. . . I wonder why Barack Obama's election might be considered historic or revolutionary?) On the level of U.S. society/government, another example of the Saturn-Uranus opposition would be the passing of health care reform legislation this past March.  (By way of comparison, Medicare was passed in the summer of 1965, e.g., during the previous Saturn-Uranus opposition.)

So, there are some interesting astrological tidbits regarding astrology and society currently.  I'll relate it to a more personal level, and to then back to Wicked, in future posts. :-)

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